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So long and thanks 

for all the things


I'm Odin,

and after almost 6 years at the awesomeness that is Wix,

it's my time to say goodbye.

I've got here in the first talents program, and joined my dream team: the UX guild. I've seen the company grow and evolve, and was lucky to be part of the change and create projects for the first time. 

Ive worked on the first Wix mobile site, the first My Account, the Premium processes, Editor 1.4, Wix Code my baby, and many more:


I have been given great opportunities by the best managers you could ask for: Nir Yuz, Yaniv Ben Simon, Nitzan Acshaf, Yoav Abrahami and the wonderful Ziv Shalev.


I've been part of amazing teams and projects:

I want to use this chance to thank all of you that made those 6 years the way the web was meant to be, and made me who I am today:

I'm going to miss al of you,

stay in touch <3


Special Thanks

To my 10Bis card that held up 6 years.

I love you.


What are you going to do next?

Nothing :)

I will be taking a few months off working to breath, think, play and rest. To create personal projects that I've dreamed of and never had the time, to do art and design with friends, focus on my Master of psychology, volunteer in startup hubs, and at the end - do freelance UX and design works. And yes, I plan to meet you all from the other side, as a Wix user.

I'm going to take this time to learn what I love, what drives me and how I want to do it. It's an open-ended adventure: I don't know yet what's next for me or how it will be.

Some of you know me a bit, some of you more - if you have an idea you think I should do, or you want to do something together, I'd love to talk :)


Stay in touch

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Email me once in a while

or just call to chat :))

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